Translucent Blinds

In Contrast to transparent blinds, Translucent blinds offer greater privacy which is more predominant during daylight hours.

Translucent Blinds are perfect for the rooms where you require privacy with natural light. They are Ideal for bathrooms but also for other vibrant rooms where light is not sacrificed for privacy or sun protection. Although can be made as Roman Blinds. the most common Translucent blinds are made as Roller Blinds.

  • Translucent fabrics screen out harsh light, but do not allow a view-through.
  • They add texture or patterns to light coming into a room while providing daytime and nighttime privacy.
  • Translucent fabrics allows for filtered light and at the same time give total UV protection and privacy.

Your view will be restricted however you will not feel dark in the room. This is perfect for the rooms where you need plenty of light & no sun & views.

Tip Top Blinds Victoria

All our translucent fabrics conform to meet Australian standards in light, glare reduction and insulation from harmful UV rays. With excellent heat and reflection properties these translucent blinds maintain an energy efficient environment, as well as allow light to enter into the room where privacy is required but total blockout is not desired.

Translucent Blind FabricsTranslucent Blind Fabrics



Whether you need functional, hardwearing bathroom blinds, or you’re searching for a striking design for the sitting room, Tip Top Blinds can turn your dream blinds into a reality!