Screen Roller Blinds

When you need to cool your home but not lose your view, the answer is Screen Roller Blinds!

Screen roller blinds give your home the ultimate in light and temperature control without hindering on your view. Adding a sophisticated and elegant appearance whilst giving protection from the sun – which can fade fabrics, furniture and carpets.

  • Fabric Type: screen, translucent and transparent
  • Finish Type (at the bottom): bar, pocket, or scallop
  • Operation: spring, chain, or motorised

You also have a choice in which way your roller will roll – front roll or back roll – this will determine how much gap will show between the window frame and the blind that could affect your privacy levels.

Clayton Tip Top Blinds

Tip Top Blinds offers you a vast selection of custom trims, scallops and cut-outs to make your blinds complete. Methods of operation can vary from individual chain-driven mechanisms that are manual, automatic or electronic. There are also different mounting systems such as placing the blinds side by side so they both can be operated by a single control. Our sidewinders are smooth and easy to operate.

These blinds can be made with a variety of fabrics and finishes as a budget blinds or deluxe blinds.

In Melbourne, Screen Roller Blinds are suitable for either commercial or residential buildings. Our wellmade blinds give you durability and peace of mind. Most Sunscreen fabrics have a 5% open weave that allows the light to filter. Each colour has a different level of transparency, the darker the colour, clearer you can see outside. The lighter colour will be least transparent.

Our expert team can offer free in house consultations and free quotes on a wide range of styles, colours and decorative fabrics to harmonise Screen Roller Blinds with your interiors and decor. They carry samples of the fabrics with them, however we can send you free samples of our fabrics on request.

Amazing fabric selection and colours to choose from. Come view them in our showroom in Clayton, Melbourne.

Screen Roller fabrics come in many colours and by combining plain and metallic threads give the roller a unique golden tinge.

Screen Rollers are made with the environment in mind using design processes, materials and product that are environmentally friendly. The fabrics used on Screen Rollers are made from flame retardant material so it will suit commercial purposes too.

Fabric widths come in a maximum of 3310mm so blinds that are over 3000mm in width may have a joining. The standard size would be around 2500mm with a weight bearing of 500gsm that makes it durable and holds its shape well through the years

Screen Roller Blind FabricsScreen Roller Blind Fabrics



Whether you need functional, hardwearing bathroom blinds, or you’re searching for a striking design for the sitting room, Tip Top Blinds can turn your dream blinds into a reality!