Roller Blinds


They are easy to operate and when rolled up do not take much window space. Your windows will get modern and contemporary looks with tailor-made, high-quality and affordable roller blinds. Whether you are looking for a complete privacy & protection from light & heat or a sleek and clean covering of your windows, our friendly consultants will offer you a perfect solution.

  • Finish Type (at the bottom): Aluminum bar in variety of shapes & colours, Plain sewn pocket, or one of many scalloped designs
  • Operation: Spring, Chain in variety of colours, motorized with either a hard wired switch or a portable remote control able to operate up to 15 blinds together!
  • Fabric Type: screen, translucent, or block-out
  • Additional features: Dual Brackets in variety of combinations, Linked Blinds, Spring Assist to ease operating larger blinds, Pelmets and Enclosed Top Box to cover the top tube, and Side Channels for better light control

Roller Blinds, AKA Holland, have been around for decades. While most people have the impression of a throwback from the sixties, more and more people are opting for this minimalistic and clean look. The Roller Blind has gone through many transformations throughout the years and can be seen through its current styles, colours, fabrics and methods of operation. Roller blinds are typically arranged with the fabric rolling behind the roller which keeps the blinds close to the window and amplifies the light blockage. The blinds can also roll in front of the tube whereby hiding the tube and creating a better look, though in many cases, and especially when the blinds are being installed on the architraves, this may create a large gap for light to enter the room between the blind and the actual window.

Clayton Tip Top Blinds

Roller blinds can be trimmed at bottom in a variety of ways such as a simple sewn pocket, one of many scalloped designs or an aluminium bar in a variety of shapes and colours, to match with your room décor. Bottom aluminium bars are today’s trend especially the oval shaped one. It is available in five different colours as per your taste and preferences though the anodized colour is the most popular. Scalloped trims are shaped edges and are available with a gimp or a tassel trim and is used to add elegance to your windows. Pocket trims cover the bar with the same fabric as the blind and give your windows a relaxed look. No matter what bottom trip you choose, all our blinds are provided with additional fabric on the drop, so that the top aluminium roller is not exposed when fully unrolled.


Today’s trend of Roller Blinds in Melbourne, Victoria generally operate with a chain operating system which is located on either the left hand side or the right hand side of the blind. Our Chain operated Roller Blinds are made heavy duty componentry to cover your windows, no matter how large or small, as per your requirement. Our chains come in either metal with a shiny silver finish, or in plastic with one of five different colours to blend in with your room paintwork and/or furnishings. The top brackets are powder coated in colours to match the fabrics and when necessary, can also be coated in custom colours. With our quality gear system, the operation of our Roller Blinds are quite, smooth and effortless without any slippage.

Alternatively, Roller Blinds can be motorised for ease of operation, convenience and perfect alignment of blinds with just a click. Motorisation is ideal for large, high and inaccessible windows. Motorisation also lets you program for a perfect positioning and timing. Our remotes are able to operate up to 15 blinds with one click of a button!

Amazing fabric selection and colours to choose from. Come view them in our showroom in Clayton, Melbourne.

Amazing fabric selection and colours to choose from. Come view them in our showroom in Clayton, Melbourne.

Our beautiful Fabric collection ranges from plain to textured weaves, in a range of colours and styles. Our fabrics are designed to suit your windows, rooms and blend in with your décor.

We offer over 1000 different colours and textures of fabrics to suit your every room. If you are looking for a bold distinctive colour to add life to your room, you can select a fabric from our Distinctive fabric range. If you are looking to decorate your room and make it more elegant, you can select a fabric from our Decorative fabric range. If you are looking to have a plain, practical and contemporary feel, you can select a fabric from our Practical fabric range. These are just some of our many fabric ranges. We are confident that we will have a fabric range which will meet your every requirement! All our fabrics are treated to prevent mold and are easy to clean.

Roller Blinds Decorative FabricsRoller Blinds Decorative Fabrics



Whether you need functional, hardwearing bathroom blinds, or you’re searching for a striking design for the sitting room, Tip Top Blinds can turn your dream blinds into a reality!