Blockout Blinds

These Blockout Roller Blinds Give You Control Over Sunlight & Privacy In Your Home

Blockout blinds are great for bedrooms, studios and theatre room. Blockout blinds are in fact Roller Blinds made from 100% blockout fabrics. Although called Blockout blinds, on their own they do not block out the light completely. To achieve total darkness in a room, the Blockout blind must be installed with a top enclosed box together with side and bottom channels.

Blockout Roller Blinds when rolled up do not take much window space. Your windows will get modern and contemporary looks with tailor-made, high-quality and affordable Block Out blinds. Whether you are looking for a complete privacy & protection from light & heat or a sleek and clean covering of your windows, our friendly consultants will offer you a perfect solution

  • Finish Type (at the bottom): Aluminum bar in variety of shapes & colours, Plain sewn pocket, or one of many scalloped designs
  • Operation: Spring, Chain in variety of colours, motorized with either a hard wired switch or a portable remote control able to operate up to 15 blinds together!
  • Fabric Type: screen, translucent, or block-out
  • Additional features: Dual Brackets in variety of combinations, Linked Blinds, Spring Assist to ease operating larger blinds, Pelmets and Enclosed Top Box to cover the top tube, and Side Channels for better and/or total light control

Our premium quality Blockout blinds turn day into night. They give you protection from harsh Victorian summers and long cold winters. If you are concerned about energy efficiency in your home then these Blockout Blinds can fix the problem. They look excellent on all window types. They are elegant and made for design and comfort.

Clayton Tip Top Blinds

In Melbourne, Blockout blinds are available in a range of fabrics and colours with colour coordinated brackets. Our sidewinders have a strong and clean chain control which adds a smooth and easy operation that is a pleasure to use. They withstand the rough treatment it will encounter in a busy home or office.

These Blinds are the perfect solution for bedrooms and also for heat retention in winter months.

Tip Top Blockout Blinds are suitable for both contemporary and classic style. We offer a wide range of colours and fabric to suit your budget and design. These Blockout Blinds are not only fashionable and functional but give you control over light and insulation.

Blockout window coverings are made from best quality specifically designed blind fabrics. When you choose to install these Blockout Blinds, you should cover windows inside your house completely to make them more effective.

Our range of fabrics help you to keep unwanted light, glare and noise out of your living spaces.

To make your each room very special, be it from kitchen to bathroom, toilet to living areas, Tip Top offers you a range of fabrics and colours to choose from. We guarantee customer satisfaction as we are the manufacturers of customized Blockout Blinds in Melbourne, Victoria. We meet stringent Australian manufacturing standards. Tip Top gives you value by serving you in three ways; great quality, great looks and great factory direct prices.

Our expert team can offer free in house consultations and free quotes on a wide range of decorative fabrics in many different colours. Our Blockout Blinds will harmonize with your colour scheme and decor.

Blockout BlindsBlockout Blinds



Whether you need functional, hardwearing bathroom blinds, or you’re searching for a striking design for the sitting room, Tip Top Blinds can turn your dream blinds into a reality!