Tip Top Blinds

Client: Element Five
Architect: Rothelowman
Window Furnishings: tiptop blinds

Located in an inner city development, this vast, versatile development features floors for office and medical facilities, topped with commercial space, plus many floors of luxury apartments.

With a versatile selection of window covering options, tiptop blinds provided the perfect match to every space, creating sophisticated style that varied by the functionality required.

The Arbor Street property lied on the Yarra River, with large windows capturing the riverside views, facing popular walking trails — expertly designed by Soft Loud Architects. As the home was constructed by Multipro Build on the side of a cliff, with obscure angles to capture a magnificent view, this minimalist home required privacy solutions that would not interfere or detract from the river-view vision of the home.

tiptop blinds installed minimalist, sheer linen-look roller blinds with a wrapped bottom rail. This offered a high-transparency lookout while providing privacy from passers-by. The roller blinds complemented the sleek, clean space, and when not in use, the motorised blinds rolled away for a sleek, clear view.

Softer light was required in the bedroom, though this was an area where sheers would often remain drawn for privacy. Soft white linen sheers were applied to the window, complementing the space whilst making the room feel calm, peaceful, and elegant.

For full light blockout at night, the bedrooms were fitted with motorised external Venetians in a contemporary black tone. This added a bold sense of drama to the home’s exterior, while creating full room darkening when needed, and disappearing entirely from the interior view when not in use.

The same cutting-edge external Venetians were applied to a west-facing window in the family room, disappearing from the interior view when not in use — so that occupants could make full use of the sweeping riverside views through the press of a button.

In bathrooms, modern roller blinds were installed for privacy, offering an essential functionality while adding softness and contemporary tones to each room.



The contemporary residence located on Ercildoune St was built by Shoalhaven Constructions to use natural light as its main design feature. Large floor-to-ceiling windows were abundant, lighting the home with a soft glow that was complemented by a sleek, modern white-toned palette, designed by architect Tom Koroneos.

With floor-to-ceiling windows used as a statement feature of the home (though the property was in close proximity to nearby residencies), it was important to utilise window covering solutions that would enhance, rather than detract from, the beauty of the natural light-based design, whilst also providing privacy when required.

Tip Top Blinds was brought in during the early stages of the interior design project, ensuring sophisticated window furnishing solutions were organised and implemented early in the process.

Both style and ease of use were of highest priority, particularly through the implementation of motorisation in many areas of the home, allowing for effortless control over every window covering with just the click of a button. This early-stage planning allowed for more sophisticated and elegant design solutions, including recessed plaster in the family room, installation of motorisation when electricians arrived, and the creation of space for curtains behind the joinery.

This allowed for luxurious details, including bedroom curtains that puddled delicately at the floor behind the bench seat. White sheer curtains were hung across floor-to-ceiling walls, adding an elegant design feature that allowed the designer furniture to take centre stage. Shutters were installed to bedroom and front-facing windows, allowing natural light in the room while obscuring close proximity to adjacent properties.

The result was a stunning contemporary home that allowed natural light to dance elegantly and softly across the home — as the expertly crafted architecture deserved — without sacrificing privacy or functionality.


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