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Understanding the difference between Double Roller Blinds, Sheer Curtains and Blockout Roller Blinds, and Double Curtains

Window furnishings play an important role in setting the tone and mood of any room in a home. The bedroom, living spaces, and home office in particular, require privacy during the day and complete room darkening for a good night's sleep. As such, choosing the right window furnishings is crucial for achieving the desired ambiance and functionality in these rooms.

Tiptop blinds Blinds offers a range of options for customers renovating or building new homes and for architects and interior designers specifying window furnishings for their clients. One of the most cost-effective and popular options available is the double roller blind. Double roller blinds are two blinds on one bracket, with a sheer roller blind in the front and a blockout roller blind behind it. This allows for privacy during the day and complete room darkening at night. A variety of fabrics, including contemporary colors, textures, and linen-looking fabrics, are available for viewing at the tiptop Clayton showroom. Choosing the right fabric can turn a simple double roller blind into a sophisticated window furnishing option.

Another popular choice for window furnishings in bedrooms, living spaces, and home offices is the combination of sheer curtains and blockout roller blinds. The sheer curtain adds softness, warmth, and elegance to the space, while the blockout roller blind provides privacy and complete room darkening when needed. This option is more affordable than the double curtain, which is a sheer curtain with a lined curtain behind it.

Double curtains, on the other hand, offer more room darkening and complete blockout of the sun and light. They are also more elegant, making the room feel like a luxurious hotel. However, they are more expensive than the sheer curtains and blockout roller blinds combination.

When considering the benefits of each option, it is important to take into account the desired ambiance, functionality, and budget. The sheer curtains and blockout roller blinds combination is a good choice for those who are looking for a balance between affordability and functionality, while double curtains are better for those who prioritize room darkening and seeking a high-end finish.

Visit the tiptop Clayton showroom to view the available options and find the perfect window furnishings for your project.

How to achieve this look in your home

The tiptop showroom serves as an inspiration centre for window furnishings and is the perfect place for customers renovating or building new homes and designers who want to explain to their clients what their options are. Our showroom offers a unique opportunity to see, touch and fee the full-size fabric samples of our roller blinds and sheer curtains. This allows you to see the colour options, textures, and transparency levels of the fabrics, so you can make the right decision for your home.

One of the highlights of the showroom is our motorisation and remote control display. Here, you can experiment with our state-of-the-art systems, which are available for roller blinds, curtains, and external shading solutions. Our systems are easy to use, convenient, and offer a level of comfort that is unmatched. With motorisation, you can control your window furnishings from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Our plantation shutters display offers inspiration for choosing the perfect colour for your project. The neutral tones that are on display in the showroom work well with trending colours for bathrooms and kitchens. This means that you can choose the perfect Dulux colour to complement your existing décor.

One of the most exciting features of our showroom is the skylight blinds display. Our skylight blinds come in both blockout and transparent fabrics, and you can see how they operate over the showroom foyer. The blockout fabric is perfect for bedrooms that require a night-time room darkening solution, while the transparent fabrics are ideal for living rooms.

Our flagship Feng Folding Arm Awning is another highlight of the showroom. This awning can span up to 7 metres and is available in a range of colours and fabrics. When the awning opens, the LED lights turn on to add a touch of romance and ambience to your outdoor living space. In addition to our Feng folding arm awning, you can also explore other options available for folding arm awnings.

Window awnings are a popular solution for blocking the sun before it enters your window. Our showroom offers a range of options, so you can find the perfect solution for your home. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary design, we have an option that will suit your needs.

Tiptop Zipscreen blinds are popular for alfresco living spaces, as they offer a convenient way to block out the sun and wind. This is especially important for Melbourne's inclement weather. Our Zipscreen blinds are available in both clear PVC and mesh fabrics, so you can choose the perfect option for your outdoor living space.

In addition to our window furnishings, we also offer roof system options like pleated patio shades, Frame, and Tera retractable roof options for residential and commercial applications. You can see these options on display in our showroom, and they are sure to inspire you to find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Our showroom is located behind the factory, so you can visit both the showroom and the factory in one trip. This is a unique opportunity to see the products being made and to learn about the manufacturing process.

The Tiptop Blinds showroom is open every day between 9am and 4pm, and appointments are welcome but not necessary. If you are renovating or building a new home, or if you are a designer who wants to explain options to your clients, we encourage you to bring your plans, window schedule, moodboard and finishes samples along on your visit.

Why plantation shutters are popular behind free-standing baths

Plantation shutters have become a popular option for window furnishings in bathrooms due to their durability and versatility. Here are your reasons for using plantation shutters in your bathroom.

One of the key benefits of using plantation shutters in a bathroom is that they are made from PVC, making them resistant to moisture and suitable for wet areas. This makes them the ideal choice for behind free-standing baths, creating a contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom.

At tiptop blinds, we understand the importance of making sure your plantation shutters seamlessly integrate into your bathroom space. That's why we offer a paint to match service, where customers can choose any Dulux paint colour and we will paint the shutters to match the wall or floor tiles of your bathroom.

Plantation shutters are also highly versatile and can be fully opened or tilted at any angle to allow the desired amount of light into the room while maintaining privacy, which is especially important in a bathroom. When the bath is installed in close proximity to the window, tiptop uses special magnets to install the plantation shutters so that they can be removed for ease of cleaning.

In our showroom, visitors can view our painted plantation shutters in traditional white, dove grey, and Monument and bring in their mood boards, tiles, and bathroom finishes to see what might work for their project. We offer a range of options to help you create the perfect look for your bathroom and ensure that your plantation shutters are tailored to your individual needs.

When it comes to choosing the right window furnishings for your bathroom, plantation shutters are a great choice. They are durable, versatile, and can be tailored to match the aesthetic of your bathroom, making them a popular option for homeowners. Whether you want to let in light, maintain privacy, or create a contemporary look, plantation shutters are the ideal choice.

So why not visit our showroom today and see for yourself the range of plantation shutters available and how they can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional space. Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best option for your home.

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